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What should be in an induction program?

There are minimum legal requirements regarding what should be provided in an induction to new employees.  Relying in the Brisbane Market Site Induction to assist your business meet its legal requirements is not enough.  The Brisbane Market Site Induction is completed at a site level to comply with the sites legal requirements, not each individual businesses legal requirements.

From a legal perspective, induction of employees should deal with workplace policies relating to health and safety, bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, privacy, social media, internet and email usage.

Providing this information during an induction will assist you if there is need to discipline employees on cases of breaches and defend any claims of vicarious liability for offenders.

As a general rule, anything you expect your employees to know about in the work environment, as well as policies/procedure or company practices should be included and signed off as part of an induction process.

There are differences from business to business and industry to industry – however there are some basic rules and regulations that all employees need to be aware of at the outset.  Simply relying an assumption that the employees should know certain standard will not provide a defense if laws are breached.

Induction Checklist

There is a sample checklist included in your WHS Manual that can be either used as a checklist by your business or as an outline for topics to be covered and you can create your own checklist.  Click on the link below to access a copy of this checklist.

induction checlist button




Brismark does provide a number of courses that can assist in the compliance with the legislative requirements for your business, these are currently run as per the annual course calendar or direct for businesses at group rates.  We are in the process of converting some of these courses online, so as to make them more accessible to businesses when and where they need them.  If you are interested in accessing these courses, let us know to help escalate this project and get them to you sooner.

In the interim, if you would like any support, advice or information regarding induction processes, Brismark can assist your business in developing an internal induction for a small investment.  If you require any further information please contact Brismark Business Services on 3915 4213 or [email protected].

Source:  AHRI Assist