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Does your business have a Traffic Management Plan?

This question is frequently being asked by Workplace Health and Safety Inspectors, who are on alert for unsafe work practices and visit the site on a weekly basis.

Would your business be able to provide WHS Qld Inspectors with a Traffic Management Plan?

Coupled with this, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland will be commencing their ‘Onsite traffic management and pedestrian safety project’ in July 2016.  This project will be focusing on the construction, manufacturing, transport and agriculture industries, as part of a statewide campaign targeting traffic management in 2016 and 2017.

The key aim of the project is to reduce the rate of fatalities and severity of injuries due to incidents between mobile plant and pedestrians in Queensland workplaces.  As part of the project, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) inspectors will visit businesses to raise awareness of the risks and request businesses to implement, if not already in place, effective traffic management strategies.

Are Market businesses part of the target group?

Recently, Brisbane Produce Markets was been visited by one of the key project leaders, who has identified that businesses on this site could be targeted in the first wave from July to September 2016.  Therefore, it is important for businesses to ‘get a step ahead’, audit their business in regards to traffic management and implement a traffic management plan for their business.

What is a Traffic Management Plan?

A Traffic Management Plan is how a workplace is organised to keep vehicle/forklift drivers and pedestrians safe and includes a combination of rules, line marking and physical barriers that people must follow.  This helps the employer meet their duties to minimise or eliminate risks to health and safety in the workplace.

What do I need to do as a business?

Brismark recommends that businesses develop and document a business based Traffic Management Plan adopting a holistic approach, which focuses on the entire operations of the business, in the management of vehicle/forklift/pedestrian traffic.  These plans should include both internal or business based traffic management rules i.e. operations within their own tenancies, integration of their Traffic Management Plan with BML’s site-wide Traffic Management Plan and fleet management requirements or transport controls when operating in common areas on site.

How Brismark can help your business comply?

To assist in this process, Brismark has developed a Traffic Management Plan review process and template that integrates the site Traffic Management rules and includes a specific section to meet the Brisbane Market Regulation requirements in regards to Fleet Management, which forms a vital component of the overall business Traffic Management Plan.  We have already commenced assisting several businesses in completing site audits and implementing these plans.

In addition, Brismark has been consulting with BML to ascertain the site requirements in terms Traffic Management responsibilities of tenants in ‘common areas’, to ensure each businesses traffic management plan encompasses all areas of responsibility of the business whether inside the tenancy or while business operations are taking place in common areas ie roadways.  This is due to the shared responsibility to manage the risk in common areas on site.


Do you need help with this process?

Brismark are here to help!

As part of our annual WHS Safety Scans, we are including a Traffic Management Review for your primary location i.e. Selling Floor, as part of our FREE service for Members.  This includes the review of your traffic management practices, documentation of recommendations, development of an action plan and documentation of a traffic management plan for that location.

If you have other premises on site i.e. warehouse, these premises can be added to the WHS Scan and Traffic Management Plan for an additional cost.  This will ensure you have a Traffic Management Plan that encompasses all premises and operations within your business.

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