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Seatbelts are a must!

During recent visits by Work Health & Safety Inspectors they have highlighted the re-occurrence of forklift drivers not wearing seatbelts.  Just this morning, Brismark’s forklift licence training provider, witnessed a forklift driver, driving across the intersection from Southgate to the main gates of the Brisbane Produce Markets, not wearing his seatbelt.

If caught by authorities this could be a fine by the Queensland Police for breaking Queensland Traffic Laws or a fine by Work Health and Safety for breaching workplace safety legislation – what if it was both?

Seatbelt Reminder!

Please remind all drivers to ‘belt up’!  It is a requirement of both the Work Health and Safety Regulations and the Brisbane Market Regulations that seatbelts MUST be worn at ALL times (if fitted).  Seatbelts help to:

  1. Stop the operator being thrown out of the seat if the forklift in involved in a collision
  2. Keep the operators body within the confines of the overhead guard
  3. Prevent the operator being thrown out of the forklift and crushed if the forklift becomes unstable